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Котлы газовые DemirDokum (Турция)

Device Type  Conventional
Chimney Type  Hermetic
Analog Manometer  Yes
Fuel Type Tracking on LCD  No
EMC Filter  Yes
CapacitykW 24
Heat Exchanger Type  Double
Efficiency% 93
Efficiency Class (92/42/EEC) 3 Stars
Smart Heating System Yes
Fan Modulation Yes
Self Adaptation System No
Adjustable Heating Capacity No
Flame Modulation Yes
Program Timer No
Microfast Hot Water Unit No
NTC Sensor Structure Double
Economy/Comfort Modu Yes
Freezing Safety Yes
Pump Blocking Safety Yes
Button Type Thumb Turn
Availability for Floor Heating Available
Capacity Usage Tracking on LCD No


Minimum Nominal Thermal PowerkW 9,2
Maximum Nominal Thermal PowerkW 23,5
Minimum Nominal Thermal Powerkcal/h 7.912
Maximum Nominal Thermal Powerkcal/h 20.210
Efficiency% 93


Heightmm 700
Widthmm 410
Depthmm 295
Net Weightkg 30,5

Electrical Properties

Electric feed 220-240 V /50 Hz
Electrical Protection Class IPX4D
Maximum Electrical PowerW 98

Heating Features

Installation temperature adjustment range°C 38-85
Expansion tank capacitylt 7
Maximum installation capacity(at 75°C average water temperature)lt 140
Maximum operation pressurebar 3

Service Water Circuit Properties

Temperature adjustment range°C 35-64
Minimum water flow ratelt/dk 2,5
Specific water flow rate (at 30 °C temperature difference)lt/dk 10,7
Minimum water pressurebar 0,25
Maximum water pressurebar 8

Waste Gas Properties

Waste gas output diametermm 60-100
Chimney pipe length provided with the devicecm 75

  • Soft Touch Button
    Buttons with Soft Touch technology provide both ergonomic use and elegant outlook


    LCD Information Screen
    Installation and service water temperature values, water pressure value in installation, and error codes warning in case of error can be monitored thanks to LCD information screen.
  • Double Heat Exchanger System
    Maximum hot water comfort is provided with double heat exchanger system. Atron Wall Hung Boilers heat water precisely, instantly, and to the desired temperature thanks to this feature.

    Full Insulation
    The components of Atron Wall Hung Boiler such as combustion chamber, burner, heat exchanger, expansion tank, and fan have been fully insulated and it operates very silently.

    7-Way Transitive New Age Heat Exchanger
    High level of efficiency is provided with 7-way transitive heat exchanger system with increased heating surface.


    OPF Production Technology
    A single operator tracks each wall hung boiler produced along the production line. Close tracking of the products enables raising quality to a maximum level.

    3-Star Efficiency Class
    It is in 3-star efficiency class according to 92/42/EEC standards imposing high efficiency obligation in maximum and minimum operation.



    Digital and Analog Manometer
    In Atron wall hung boilers, water pressure in installation can be tracked via LCD screen. Besides, pressure value can be monitored via analog manometer located under the wall hung boiler.
  • Fan modulation (Atron)
    Fan speed is automatically adjusted according to the temperature requirement of wall hung boiler. This way, while high efficiency is provided in Nitron wall hung boilers, sound levels are considerably low.